Free Software Development Course – Serbia Flood Relief

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”¬†

We offer all motivated individuals who pass our screening tests:

  • initial lectures and guidance in basics of programming,
  • you would be assigned a mentor, one of our developers, who would spend time to clarify any issues you might have
  • if you don’t have a means to get to our offices, we’ll provide the transport for you

Selected students will be invited to the second phase where we offer:

  • Experience in working on various project we’re doing in our company – you would be doing the tasks we’re assigning to our developers in parallel, and would be able to consult with the person doing the task you’re doing. This will circumvent the biggest obstacle in getting a job as a programmer, which is, in our opinion, lack of experience.
  • lectures in software services business development,
  • lectures in the best way to write a CV and get a job in a software company – we have reviewed hundreds of CVs while selecting our current team, we know how you need to put it together to get hired
  • if you don’t have a computer available we’ll provide one for you

We require the following basic skills:

  • basic knowledge in using computers
  • intermediate English language knowledge
  • no existing programming skills are required

Why we’re doing this for free

For more than a decade software developers in Serbia have been one of the rare segments of society who could make a decent living simply by doing their job. Now there’s a choice we’re facing: we can consider ourselves lucky and go on living our lives, or we can begin to care and spread our knowledge to people who would like to become programmers as well. The recent flooding catastrophe in Serbia made us think about those things. We have decided to act, instead of just thinking about it.

We’re now initiating a free course in software development primarily for people hit by the recent floods. We will be financing this course using our own money, with the primary goal to help our students learn programming and get them well-paid jobs. We have experience with teaching people the programming skills from scratch. Our experience is that a motivated individual can go from no knowledge in the area to knowing the basics and much more in three months. From there to becoming a functional part of a software development firm earning a decent salary one would need just a few months of experience on concrete tasks.

Our methodology

These days anybody who wishes to learn programming on their own will have a problem with the vast amount of knowledge available online. We have selected 30+ topics our students need to go through with our help to be able to call themselves software developers. We will initially provide lectures and as much support as needed to get you started.

Rather than organizing a formal school with teachers and classes, we’re offering our students what we believe is the best way to learn programming. We will offer ¬†introductory lectures in each area we’ll cover. Lectures will be followed by our guidance on how to expand the skills using web-based sources we’ll select. Our senior developers have all learned programming this way. Majority of us have learned most of what we know long before any formal education, just because we were enthusiastic about the subject and considered programming a fun thing to do in our spare time.

We will also focus on showing our students how to freelance, finding jobs on the Internet, or to found their own business. We’ve done this successfully ourselves for quite some time, and we’re willing to share this experience.

Please fill in the form below to submit your application.

- First name

- Last name

- Phone

- Email

- Why would you like to enrol

- What do you already know about computers and programming

- Your family situation

- Your age

- Your legal town of residence

- Where do you currently live

- Your education

- Please grade your English, 1-10

- Do you have a computer available where you can spend time learning

- School you are currently attending - not mandatory

We will get back to you within a week.



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