Who We Are

out of focuse officeCP Development is a software services provider founded in 2005, with offices in Belgrade, Serbia, Eastern Europe.

We offer high quality of IT outsourcing services at competitive prices. The company has extensive experience in handling contract projects for clients in USA and EU. With 20+ employees and appropriate structure and procedures, we can partner up with businesses to provide long term IT outsourcing solution operating at the highest standards. We have worked for well known companies through our clients, such as PC Magazine US, Nintendo, AutoDesk, Discovery Channel, etc.

What We Do

We offer services & products in the area of Desktop and Internet based applications.

We have extensive experience with React, Node.js , but also PHP MVC frameworks, Python, Magento, WordPress development, web scraping, AI integration.

We have worked with corporations and individuals.

We are specializing in high-traffic web sites, streamlining business processes, e-commerce, AI, small to middle sized business information systems, and SaaS.

We provide detailed monitoring of our development activities through our custom Client Portal.

We understand that one of the main concerns of our clients is transparency. We have developed custom client portal where we track all communication, status of tasks, and dynamic daily reporting on our activities.

We have our own take on Agile and Scrum project management, but we can adjust to your methods easily.

We’re adaptable – willing to adopt client’s methods, but also we’re willing to contribute with our own experience.


Our Services

  • Free consulting – chat with our experts for free
  • Web development services – React / node.js, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Jquery, …
  • Search Engine Optimization – websites we SEOd had over 100m visitors
  • CMS Customization – WordPress, Drupal, Magento
  • Data integration services – Amazon, Ebay, QuickBooks, etc
  • Web scraping
  • E-commerce (Magneto, WooCommerce, custom solutions …)
  • Development for mobile devices (Android, iOS)