Property Fox Real Estate SaaS

Property Fox is a full featured online real estate management solution. Our main comparative advantage is the continuous effort we put into getting you more visitors. No other real estate solution will offer quality traffic building services at this price point. We have a great history of making high traffic websites, please take a look at our portfolio below for details.

The quarterly subscription includes:

  • a great looking, professional front end for your customers
  • back office where you can manage the content
  • our real estate CRM system to keep track of agents, lawyers, buyers, and sellers
  • optimizing your site for more visitors through SEO, exporting properties to other portals, social marketing
  • domain registration and e-mail service. We will help you choose the best domain from SEO perspective. Or you can use your existing one.

There are hosting plans out there that cost more than our monthly subscription. There’s no catch, we just give this to you at the lowest possible price we can.

Contact Us to get a 100% free trial website



Please click below to see what your website would look like. Actual websites may differ due to client’s special wishes.


  • a predefined professional look. You will be able to choose from a number ofthe ready-made templates, or you can get our optional custom design service.
  • easy online property management by multiple users – just login and, while browsing, click ‘edit’ at any property page
  • select properties which will appear in the front page slideshow, also separately select properties to appear in the front page featured properties list.
  • you would be able to enter the property prices in multiple currencies (GBP, EUR, USD). We would provide your visitors with the currency converter which features the latest currencty exchange information from Yahoo Finance.
  • printer friendly version of both the individual property page itself, and the search results. You may use this feature to prepare a list of properties you’d like to present to a client in a meeting. Our export to Excel feature would also serve the same purpose.
  • any number of e-mails required
  • you will be able to enter stories which would appear in your blog. You would specify the subject of the story – which can be a location or a property feature. This story would then be displayed on each property at this location or having a feature. E.g. you could create a story about pools, and we’ll display this story on each property having a pool. This should keep the visitors browsing your website longer.
  • locating properties on the map. Our system will automatically assign a location based on the property town you enter. You will be able to optionally enter exact address, or point it on a map. Your website will have proximity search box which your visitors will be able to use to sort the properties by the proximity / distance from a specific spot they like. You will not be in danger of revealing property location if you don’t want to – our system will just display on the map the center of the town the property is at.
  • upload pictures and/or videos for each property. Decide which properties you want featured on front page, and in slideshow on front page. Use YouTube to post videos for additional exposure.  -visitora subscribe to get fresh properties. This brings returning visitors – they will get an email listing all new matching properties
  • visitors can create lists of bookmarked properties. This would show client preferences which can be a good basis for further communication.
  • newsletter subscriptions – edit and send newsletters to your subscribers -click any amenity and get all the matching properties.
  • enter texts matching any location or amenity of properties


  • login for multiple agents,
  • super administrator access,
  • easy and time-saving features, including automatically forming the relationship between the submitted contact form and the property
  • assign agents to contacts, contacts to properties -take account of where the property keys are
  • schedule appointments with clients


  • we want you to make contacts from people who find your site on Google and from other sources. No other real estate service offers quality Search Engine Optimization services in this price range.
  • all the site’s features are designed to maximize the time potential buyers spend on your website, and to make him return to your website. Your site can include the weather and news feeds.
  • optionally, we will automatically post your ad to a number of real estate sites allowing free listings. This will further increase your exposure
  • optionally, you will get your FB fan page, and optional personalized Twitter account
  • we will include the all-important social bookmarking tools which will further increase your exposure
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