Quickbooks – ERP Integration Case Study

The client, is an online shopping cart with headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA, providing technology products to business customers. They have a high volume of accounting data, and they’ve had a dedicated data entry person for to move this data from the shopping cart software to QuickBooks .

The client operates an extremely complex and advanced ERP / CRM / Shopping cart solution. It has over 800 database tables which store various information related to all aspects of their business.

The requiremnt was to elminiate manual QuickBooks data entry as much as possible.

We have created a QuickBooks Web Connector based application which synchronized QuickBooks with latest shipped orders from the shopping cart. It now transfers:

  • items purchased to QuickBooks inventory
  • Sales Receipts from E-commerce Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders for distributors
  • customer data

The client was able to move to using this application from an unpleasent situation of entering data manually. This resulted in considerable money and time savings.


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