Mbemro Catalog

A ┬áMagento e-commerce site with custom features, populated with supplier’s product data and integrated with client’s ERP. We have

  • scraped the product data from client’s supplier,
  • created a Magento template,
  • custom Magento feature to enable ordering by company employees
  • created code using Magento API to deliver EDI documents to client’s ERP so all the order data would be transferred automatically
  • optimized magento for lightning speed with 200k products the website has, using Varnish caching server and appropriate modules. The pages now load in milliseconds instead of 3+ seconds which is the Magento default.
  • as default Magento search results are not good enough, we’ve optimized the search results using appropriate extensions
  • we have created custom shopping report extension for each customer and their supervisors, with export to Excel
  • implemented mobile devices design
  • worked with client to make sure everything is working out as it should

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